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May 15, 2016

Tudor Hoods and Dresses

Recently, we celebrated the 5th Anniversary of the PlumbBob Keep, so I thought I would share this with you here at the Smithy too. The theme to my gifts to everyone was titled "Tut, Tiaras and Tudors". I have gotten into making accessories and found some great meshes created by Rosemaryr at CGTraders that I tried to make for The Sims 2. One of the meshes she created was an early gable hood. The veil was causing me issue in assigning joints and bones (being still new to making them) so I shortened it from the original. Then I utilized the dress meshes from Sim Ages (now closed) for the adult, All About Style for the child, and a mesh reworked by G-Knee, for a project Heget had done, for the teen.
The Original Meshes In-game
 photo aatudor1_zpsvmhulxie.png
 photo aatudor4_zpsihu2vgxv.png
 photo aatudorhood2_zps7jxs22ch.png
A Tease of The Recolours
 photo tudor1red_zps7xeojsjo.png photo tudor3black_zpslvp5cpcb.png photo tudor4green_zpskaxfv1fn.png photo tudor6black_zpsheysfo5s.png

A Slideshow of all my Hood and Dresses
wawa180859's Tudor Hoods and Gowns -- Smithy album on Photobucket
As a bonus, I have included a jewel set that I made because I couldn't seem to find a necklace/earring mesh for a female child.

The best hair option to use for these will be "bald" or from Almighty Hat's Hair Dumps. Hair Scraps or More Hair Scraps, or Shorn

SimsFileShare Folder

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