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September 09, 2016

Grand Prince Monomakh's Cap

(Also shared at the PlumbBob Keep)
One of the coronation crowns of the Tsars, a cap made for Vladimir II Monomakh, Grand Prince of Kievan Rus.  photo 3_zpse4diprsw.png

I had seen this as I was drooling over .... er, I mean viewing some of the 3d models at TurboSquid. During this messy moment, I came across the cap immediately thinking I had to have it. But then I saw it contained over 3 million polygons.
Then I had to google about the crown to see other images where, low and behold, someone had made it for TS4. Well, if someone can make it for that game I thought I could make it for TS2. So I did. Well, my version of it anyways! And it's only about a 6k polycount.

Wearable by both sexes, child to elder, it comes in 2 versions. One is topped by the cross as per the real McCoy. A second one is for those people that would prefer not having the religious connotation, so it is topped by a set of pearls. You can have both in your game, however. They both use the same texture. Only one! I know. Unheard of for me!
 photo 1_zpsjcyxo8rf.png

 photo 2_zpsehqqpoww.png

 photo 62feb330-c9b0-4e81-a135-9d6adc5648a5_zpsem9oloec.png
 photo ddc93a59-9185-4cd5-a342-9d50cd7f182a_zpsnffp8efg.png

Grab Them Here!

Both contained in one zipfile. Delete the one you don't wish to keep.


ocelotekatl said...

My Accessories folder is already full to bursting with your wee hatties, but these are awesome and I must have them, my friend. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

How on earth did I miss this earlier? This looks lovely, Wawa, and I have the perfect use for it. Thank you!!