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October 18, 2016

Yo! Romeo!! Wherefore art thou!

(Also shared at the PlumbBob Keep)

Why at the millinery, of course!
I got a new batch of meshes by Cybertenko at Renderosity that I thought would be fun for our Simmies to enjoy. They are very Italian Renaissance in my opinion, something I envision Romeo might wear. I have them enabled for toddler to elder, both sexes. A quick peek to how they look ingame.
 photo renicap1_zpsrm6ikgl6.png

 photo renicap2_zpsvjo5ak92.png photo renicap3_zpsekv2piik.png photo renicap4_zpsp7rqvix1.png photo renicap6_zpscornt1s8.png photo renicap6_zpscornt1s8.png photo renicap7_zpsj3evzoqg.png photo reniNO1_zpsqvwpyer5.png photo reniNO2_zpsca5yhxy4.png photo reniNO3_zps0yhv2pjk.png
Available with or without the back of the cap, allowing for those larger hairs people can't get enough of.

Both versions utilize the same textures, these pictures that follow!
 photo cap1_zpszdcmnfmd.png photo cap2_zpslua2rtzx.png photo cap3_zpslbkuqpnl.png photo cap4_zpshctwmncm.png photo cap5_zpss24qemvo.png photo cap6_zpsbejsxeqa.png photo cap7_zps6wqvtnn1.png photo cap8_zpszynwm3ie.png photo cap9_zpslaw57puf.png photo cap10_zpslg3za3ik.png photo cap11_zpstrbrun0w.png photo cap12_zpspervuxvg.png photo cap13_zpsnnks4ndf.png photo cap14_zps4ffclq5l.png photo cap15_zpsoa5ylipf.png photo cap16_zps045pagdc.png photo cap17_zps0d0porsi.png photo cap18_zpstzrl65o0.png photo cap19_zpsemaxdzel.png photo cap20_zpsmr9mzv0r.png
The four textures preceding the last one are the original textures by Cybertenko. All others are ones I put together.

Another mesh created by Cybertenko creating three separate renditions of the same mesh, consisting of the same 10 textures.
A Simple Cap
 photo simplecap1_zpspkp2iypl.png  photo simplecap2_zpshnzsbuyt.png photo simplecap3_zpszniwmtyu.png photo simplecap4_zps2wiob1hl.png photo simplecap5_zpsmyofki1s.png photo simplecap6_zpseic8cipt.png photo simplecap7_zpszqbg8bdm.png
A Renaissance Cap
 photo capliriNO1_zpsewsshxgp.png
 photo capliriNO2_zpsm4fnchbn.png photo capliriNO3_zpstonbqmpo.png photo capliriNO4_zpslxtr4oo0.png photo capliriNO5_zps4by7a74f.png photo capliriNO6_zpsmewaf4vq.png photo capliriNO7_zps1mmluxut.png
A Renaissance Cap with Cowl
 photo caphooded1_zpsxusewbvk.png
 photo caphooded3_zpsmd6b6zmb.png photo caphooded4_zps6etvyc0y.png photo caphooded5_zpsl97tfrz2.png photo caphooded6_zpsbd2j6e0w.png photo caphooded7_zpspranl5nk.png

The textures used for these hats. Five are mine, five are Cybertenko's textures.
 photo swatch1_zpsfxvuhlq9.png photo swatch2_zps0irzya2d.png photo swatch3_zpstdgsfqg3.png photo swatch4_zpsyuxdgtsp.png photo swatch5_zpsm5vd5q9q.png photo swatch6_zpsnerrtpf0.png photo swatch7_zpszq7zuiqn.png photo swatch8_zpssgfi3lak.png photo swatch9_zpsshcigkhm.png photo swatch10_zps3jzk2rie.png

You can grab them all, or pick the ones you prefer, from the folder I created at SimsFileShare.
Grab'em Here!!

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