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November 28, 2016

Talos Must Be Worshipped

(Also posted at The Keep)
davinaojeda had mentioned she would like Talos as a prayable object in the Skyrim Conversion thread at The Keep, so after what seems like ages, I finished it. Plus I included an extra bonus because Fractured Moonlight had mentioned she wished we had a dragon brazier.
The various new meshes are cloned from the Holy Bible by Becks @ AffinitySims, the supersized crucifix by KevinsHope@MTS, the edited Talos by LeanWolf@theNexus and the "wall mounted swamp dragon" from Skyrim. The cloned mesh from the crucifix is a 2 story Talos statue on nine tiles featuring the original interactions. The cloned mesh from the Holy Bible is a one tile object that can be placed on whatever table you desire as an altar or just placed on the ground. It also utilizes the same interactions as the Holy Bible mesh.

 photo picture1-smithy_zpsdbxiqk4m.png

 photo picture2-smithy_zps3ymeybdp.png
The brazier in this picture is cloned from the TSM brazier.
 photo picture4-smithy_zps5fndamy4.png
 photo picture3-smithy_zps34chqgpq.png
The brazier in this picture is based on the TSM crisis beacon by NixNivis
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Rosa said...

Dear Wava, thanks for sharing all your fabulous work! My simmies will love mighty Talos guarding their grounds! *hugs*
I was wondering, though... I fell in love with your barbettes. They are totally wonderful and would be perfect for the medieval fantasy world I'm slowly building for Skyrim - do you think you might give me your permission to try to convert them, please? I would of course give a proper credit to you. Thanks a lot:-)

Wawa said...

Hi Rosa.

Thanks for the compliment. Would you be making the conversion for Sims 3 or 4? Either way, feel free to try the converting. I believe Maya40 at The PlumbBob Keep has some new textures for the barbette as well. They look amazing too. And giving Cynnix credit would be appreciated since I used bits of her nun's veil. I would love to see what you've accomplished so leave a link! If you are converting for Sims 4, I recently bought all the games to try my hand at it.

Rosa said...

Really??? Oh thanks, thanks SO much!!! Actually, though, it would not be for Sims - but for Skyrim. Would that still be okay? Of course, I will give a credit to Cynnix, thanks a lot for the heads up, I didn't realize that:-) And thanks for the tip about Maya40, I have actually already received her permission to use her textures - at first I didn't realize I'd have to ask you for perms and then I was scared about asking you, when you've done so many wonderful mods for Sims, haha... so it took me a long while to gather the courage:-) (And ahem, Maya told me you're wonderful and not to be;-) )
Of course, if the perms still apply, I would send you a link immediately. Would be really, really nice to have some lovely Medieval headwear for the Skyrim ladies - and with both your and Maya's textures, they'd have lovely variety to choose fromXD

Wawa said...

LOL of course that would be okay too. I may upload them to my Skyrim game to play with too. Good Luck and can't wait to see how they'll turn out.

Rosa said...

Hahaha, now that's seriously cool!!! Thank you so much, Wawa! I'll try my best and send you a link when it's done. Gave it a go, showed up fine in Creation Kit preview, bald head in Skyrim... fun times are ahead^^ Thanks once more, it's very generous of you.

Anonymous said...

I love the prayable Talos statue, Wawa. Thank you. I am in the process of rebuilding my downloads folder from scratch, but have plans for a huge 'hood. I might make Talos the God/Religion of the North.