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November 22, 2016

The Trappings of Power

A few items I put together from scratch or found at DeviantArt. Oh, and Skyrim too, of course! Not sure if they will be of use to many people, but I had fun thinking about how to implement them into our games.
So, here are The Trappings of Power! This is a large set of items so I have uploaded those, meaning this will be picture heavy since Photobucket's third party fiasco.
I had intended this to be my Anniversary gift to the Smithy and Ingrid
(August 18th to be exact), but real life got in the way. So, three months later ...
Happy Anniversary To the Smithy and Friends!!
I know I'm late but like they say
"Better late than Never!"

Skyrim's Fur cap and Fur collar
 photo fur08_zpsiwxalgh6.png photo fur10_zpsxj60uhon.png photo fur07_zpsfvd6bu5j.png photo fur06_zps7jymrxgx.png photo fur09_zps991adv9u.png photo fur05_zpsyv41lxmy.png photo fur03_zps1vqm2xca.png photo fur04_zpswj445feh.png photo fur02_zps7jiifop4.png photo fur01_zps9cnp5hew.png
Available for both sexes -- toddler to elder. Polycount >> 6646

The Russian Imperial Crown.  photo catherinecrown_zps8pc6t9br.png  photo catherinecrownruby_zpsc48wpkgb.png
With three recolours! Available for both sexes -- toddler to elder. The ermine cap is a separate accessory that fits under the crown proper. Available in two recolours. (Note: The crown's pictures show black fill in where it should be transparent. A wee Ooops that I have corrected. It will show transparent in-game so you see the ermine cap correctly.)
Ermine cap polycount >> 1888. Crown polycount >> 5746

TERA Crowns by Tiffli@DeviantArt
 photo TERA1_zpsrivt9tm4.png photo TERA2_zpssxsss8zc.png photo TERAcute1_zpsttyqgxmn.png photo TERAcute2_zps1rrkbhuu.png photo TERAcuteset_zpsodrdzzow.png photo TERApurple_zpsxf5908kk.png photo TERAsilverpurple_zpsg2vurasr.png photo TERAred_zpsxoj0943w.png photo TERAsilverred_zpseosglqyr.png
With various recolours for both. The larger crown polycount is 2619. The tera crown "cute" polycount is 1194.

New Parure Jewellery Sets in a new mesh created by me. Not perfect as the necklace doubles as the tiara and may "cut out" at rather odd points at the end of the tiara.
 photo set01_zpsrxaqtsa6.png photo set2_zpsmixjrojc.png photo set3_zpsxsa6dzun.png photo set4_zpsojs4sf5p.png photo set5_zpsiuoj77cn.png photo set6_zpscaypwizw.png photo set7_zpshfr8ioih.png photo set8_zpstibgytqd.png photo set9_zpsiqyr2dwi.png photo set10_zpsjvr38err.png photo set11_zps6bdntm9e.png photo set12_zps1wn2aqxf.png photo set13_zpsky5jpstu.png photo set14_zpspt1q7lrk.png photo set15_zpsent1jjtt.png photo set16_zpsj1xjj6zr.png photo set17_zpsap4xdwlq.png photo set18_zpsrmzsxzqr.png photo set19_zps3ihitpaq.png photo set20_zps8scig7zu.png photo set21_zps1bu9k0ws.png photo set22_zps57so6pmi.png photo set23_zpsuhm1g523.png photo set24_zpsl2tlcpwc.png photo set25_zpsom4yvql7.png photo set26_zpsuqjh1auu.png photo set27_zpsdvisedxm.png photo set28_zpskph2ex07.png photo set29_zpseujdi37c.png photo set30_zpsmbss6wwm.png photo set31_zpsd73u1jxe.png photo set32_zpsiqszgzpj.png photo set33_zps0jmmzd95.png photo set34_zpss8oc9elf.png photo set35_zpson0vrcac.png photo set36_zpsbumebvzp.png photo set37_zpsxatpkaic.png photo set38_zpsc9xrwobk.png photo set39_zpsqwbhlstd.png photo set40_zpsccvwe1ti.png
Wearable by females only. Child to Elder. Polycount is 2930 for the tiara, and 4429 for the necklace/earrings. I know, rather large but I hope you might like them.
With Matching Brooches. A few examples only.
 photo brooch1_zpspawlvesj.png photo brooch36_zpsjjoqfjh6.png
 photo lapel20_zps1w5hxkrm.png photo lapel2_zpsaklo0pky.png
Wearable by both sexes -- child to elder. Polycount is 1218.

And then to add more lustre to the grandiose court you may possess for your game, two sets of orders as medals.
Simple Orders
 photo simple10_zps7l02rmxh.png photo simple11_zpsoeb3dwvi.png photo simple12_zpsmjlosjvo.png photo simple13_zps81spnyvt.png photo simple14_zpsqmgqp9zb.png photo simple15_zps2ryxqxas.png photo simple16_zpsimusb891.png photo simple17_zpsxljgjdyv.png photo simple18_zpsyqwwwqjc.png photo simple19_zpsfjmfssdb.png photo simple20_zpsljbo0can.png photo simple21_zpsunikvdpg.png photo simple22_zpsqkea3ail.png photo simple23_zpsssfbqxjg.png photo simple24_zpsznbxooks.png photo simple25_zpslkteqoml.png photo simple26_zpsvxv3rivd.png photo simple27_zpsfsjolpgs.png photo simple28_zpsi39xb4ia.png photo simple29_zpsqmfvyrfy.png photo simple30_zps9homekbx.png
Wearable by both sexes -- child to elder. Polycount is 2750.

Or for the more illustrious of your nobility,
The Star Order
 photo star25_zpsllc3rcqt.png photo star24_zpsdc2ninzz.png photo star23_zpsm5h7gwga.png photo star22_zpsfa72oulj.png photo star26_zpsetrgkmd7.png photo star27_zpsvm1qmhjt.png photo star30_zpscoyymlov.png photo star29_zpsntdknz6n.png photo star28_zps4yhnntc5.png photo star20_zps4e71tkrt.png photo star21_zpszwwblfj4.png photo star15_zpsk1ioa6m2.png photo star13_zpsuvibtwqi.png photo star11_zpstpfyt2c7.png photo star10_zpst2a3fnm5.png photo star12_zpscvaweoi1.png photo star16_zpsjbaxuuok.png photo star19_zps1mh5yvup.png photo star18_zpsj1xqsbtc.png photo star17_zpsli4nok8v.png photo star14_zpsafyvuqld.png
Wearable by both sexes -- child to elder. Polycount is 3835.

And lastly, what high ranking noble could attend court without a collar signifying his office.
The Simple Chain of Office
 photo simple10_zpsssekj8eo.png photo simple11_zps8duziy58.png photo simple12_zps5thn6df9.png photo simple13_zpsikr1al2b.png photo simple14_zps4iowwcon.png photo simple15_zps2cmvxypl.png photo simple16_zpskidh5iu4.png photo simple17_zpsikwzjict.png photo simple18_zpsspgfu29p.png photo simple19_zpswuqarogj.png photo simple20_zpswhnewv6o.png photo simple21_zps7bx8t7ik.png photo simple22_zpsqh7jbzea.png photo simple23_zpslvgpgdsr.png photo simple24_zpsas43bjw1.png photo simple25_zps518mcux5.png photo simple27_zpsauoix5j5.png photo simple28_zpscgjon1pt.png photo simple29_zpseer8ebtd.png
Wearable by both sexes -- teen to elder only. Polycount is 2678.
Or The Star Chain of Office
 photo star10_zpswp7okw7u.png photo star11_zpswpwlkyqc.png photo star12_zpskfnipmhm.png photo star13_zpsgcn6oqng.png photo star14_zpsin8qfii5.png photo star15_zpsyhq9vxgr.png photo star16_zpsrfoafibn.png photo star17_zps1dajvag0.png photo star18_zpsumorgxwz.png photo star19_zpsehwzl8uy.png photo star20_zpswm1lcg8n.png photo star21_zps5tjoqjvk.png photo star23_zps7bzg05ji.png photo star24_zpsxhvj00j4.png photo star25_zpsp9x4okgv.png photo star26_zpshefhkbnb.png photo star27_zpsaxpxnj8j.png photo star28_zpsqo7s4yng.png photo star29_zps6noiiaaj.png photo star30_zpsndmvbayh.png
Wearable by both sexes -- teen to elder. Polycount is 4207.

That's about it for the nobles or royals displaying their pedigrees. I hope you might find a use for them in your games.

Grab what you will
at SimsFileShare. The pictures are included in all the files so you can choose what to keep and/or what to delete.


Evelyn said...

OMG I love the leopard one! Great!

ocelotekatl said...

These are really nice. Thank you.

Wawa said...

Thanks Jason and Evelyn! Just in case I had forgotten the link for the TERA crowns. I added it on November 23rd for those that may have missed it.

Winter said...

My Downloads folder is bursting, but I can't resist! Your extraordinary work has massively upped the bling factor of my game. Thank you, Wawa!

Anonymous said...


Fantastic. Digging the fur hat/collar, and the chain of office is perfect for the Ginger Hill mayor. THANK YOU!

Side question - where can one obtain that male long hair? It looks like a nice alternative to the long biker hair.


Wawa said...

Thanks Winter and HB!

Michael, the hair is by our fabulous Penelope! Here's the link: