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March 27, 2017

Holy Headwear!

Happy 6th Anniversary Keepers! As mentioned at the Keep, it's been six years of incredible content created and friendships made. And I have some things to share with the Keepers too. A whole bunch of stuff actually. I just have to get the damned pictures of them all in-game in order to upload them for your pleasure. LOL! So to start off, Holy Headwear.

 photo 792081d8-b358-4750-8bd0-fcba8c36900c_zps1wlh24jv.png
 photo 802d8d38-2eea-43f2-a3ea-31b2a6841cf7_zpswrtmarqv.png
As in, the coronation crown of the Holy Roman Empire, the Crown of Charlemagne used in the coronations of the Kings of France and I had read that the French kings would have worn a decorated cap during the crowning ceremony. All three meshes created by none other than your humble knave, ME!! The three are wearable by both sexes, toddler to elder. The HRE Crown is a bit of a poly whopper sitting at under 23K. It's the jewels. I may try to make a simpler version by texturing in the jewels if you Keepers want this. The Charlemagne crown sits at under 5K while the jewelled cap is under 7K. The Charlemagne crown has been fitted to place ontop of the cap. So you have the option of crown, cap and/or both together. I hope you like them. And for anyone into storytelling, each is made into a DECO version.

Coronation Crown of the Holy Roman Empire.
 photo 739bc19a-52f9-4fc5-ac9e-1c13d6228374_zpshecp5g7o.png
 photo f2cc9f9d-45e9-45be-9a04-1e66a622f7c2_zpscgliqz17.png
 photo c2c51062-d6bc-4691-8557-148b926b6358_zpsnuoc1tzi.png
 photo 3a79f5bb-8efe-45af-a00c-9b4f04b5def3_zps4hajjlvh.png

Charlemagne Crown and Jewelled Cap

 photo 5620740d-e8bf-45b0-bfec-4c4d72401367_zps7edj0pvq.png
 photo 166dbba7-b6ea-47f5-afa2-ac8c79b13a13_zpse9rhnmga.png
 photo 0533a60b-b709-43e0-b1ec-c8586e2804c1_zps6s3d9kno.png
 photo 36cdc3a3-e472-4f19-86d3-844dbad0c8e5_zps7x44ivho.png
I didn't take pictures of the other ages as I'm being lazy. Apologies. The pictures became a wee bit blurry when I resized them via the Photobucket editing manager. You can see the original album here.

An All-In-One Download -- Holy Headwear!

And a sneak peek at the next upload! Yep, more hats.
 photo 45475e2e-d45c-4cee-8e17-925601a50642_zpsn3wumlyi.png


mortia said...

Wonderful, as always. Thank you so much, Wawa and Happy Anniversary!

lamy said...

What a beautiful work! Thank you, Wawa.

Herr Burgermeister said...

Wa, Thank You for these fantastic crowns!

Lady Aquanine said...

Wawa, these crowns and hats look amazing! Beautiful work on the detail :). Can't wait to see what else you're working on. They look like hats Henry VIII liked to wear.

Evelyn said...

I love it Wawa, especially the Imperial Crown - the original is housed in Vienna where I currently live. Your version is great!!! epo

Wawa said...

I love Vienna. Only got to visit it for a few days long ago. I'm so jealous that you can call it home. I guess I could one day if I ever landed into money, but my German is really rusty! LOL

Evelyn said...

If you plan a visit, let me know wawa. Happy to take you around and no worries about the German, everyone speaks English here :-)