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March 29, 2017

Your Hat, Milord and Milady!

Happy 6th Anniversary Keepers!
Originally created by the fabulous Rosemaryr@ShareCG, more of her Tudor-inspired headwear. I did tweak the meshes' mappings for easier recolouring. Again, these are wearable by both sexes, toddler to elder. Polycount is 8253.

In-game and Bodyshop Images
 photo 0a6ac6a6-c10e-4fa8-afa1-2e0d9a944519_zpswkwgpcqk.png  photo c6b11533-1c73-4fb5-aab6-63998e289110_zps8ed8lh79.png  photo ef61392e-33d5-4b60-a999-0c38155a88ab_zpspgpn2vmp.png  photo fa10f18c-f159-44dd-8761-37a1017f2f50_zpsj8x3wwrl.png  photo ee6974fe-c42b-4e38-bf93-f4acbcb56ba0_zpslf40zqgj.png  photo 8f05adfd-b7ac-4a4d-8c2e-0d2d65d68b57_zpseddazno7.png  photo d0be628b-95e7-4860-8b2f-25e2a5f2d977_zpsd8bn50zu.png

And naturally I had to create a gazillion recolours, because that's what I do! So, I only have the swatches and .png images to show you in the different types I did for textures. Not in any particular order you will have some Brocades, Pasha silks, a Clover fabric and a whole slew of CuriousB's colours.

The Brocades
 photo 0a7b60b7-29c6-4bd3-b95c-6b63f54abf2f_zpsei0kdkzp.png
wawa180859's Brocade album on Photobucket

Clover Fabric and Figaro Textures
 photo 11db5bf1-10a5-4e44-af26-d82a09a18d72_zpsmytbsbj2.png  photo 131782ab-1a1f-43a7-8812-7b95e23107ab_zpsisivyrtn.png
wawa180859's Clover and Figaro album on Photobucket

Moire Fabric
 photo 481fccae-ca43-40d0-bf3f-fcb18869085c_zpsioliagas.png
wawa180859's Moire album on Photobucket

Pasha Silks
 photo 337ed908-858c-4119-a395-f045057b015a_zpsczsrf5at.png  photo 06ec4bea-1213-46ed-ac13-f1d20e827370_zpsjpjckdqr.png
wawa180859's Pasha Silk album on Photobucket

And CuriousB's Colours
 photo 76dda4a3-6f42-4ab8-b4ac-3ac742290054_zpssmjq8mkb.png
wawa180859's CuriousBs Colours album on Photobucket

That's about it for now for the Flattop cap. For those that may use GIMP, the CuriousB's Colours zip contains the .xcf file I used for the majority of these textures. I just played around with different layering effects. So, I hope you might utilize it to make your own recolours. If you do, I hope you will leave a comment with the link!

Grab'em All Here. The mesh and original recolour are in .package format while the recolours are in various zipfiles.

The next teaser! Tudor hat inspired by Henry VII!
 photo 8e3374a2-75f0-4f40-8615-c9655ae1e5da_zpsnls1hzru.png


lamy said...

These hats look amazing! Thank you, Wawa.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wawa!