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April 06, 2017

Tudor Rose by any other name!

Happy 6th Anniversary Keepers!
Sorry it took so long to post this next one. I ended up redoing it altogether since I wasn't happy with the first attempt. By Rosemaryr@ShareCG, a tudor-styled hat she created that was worn by Henry VII. It is wearable by both sexes, toddler to elder. The polycount for this one is 6178. I only took pictures of it in the Bodyshop picture viewer and it has 4 series of recolours for your lords and ladies' pleasure.

 photo e3ced048-5a29-4c57-aa02-3a76e818aa19_zpsvrnmxeep.png
 photo abe4bf7f-ec92-41e8-8a43-60f0a15c6e29_zps3mkmbkdu.png
 photo 86d2dbec-7aaa-46e0-977a-0fa2fff3d919_zpsysnimrov.png
 photo 975b3b89-3342-43df-95ca-e381a9d4adc6_zps14ati6l2.png
 photo 03578b26-be65-4d5a-830c-ab019fd6a1e0_zpszjqinen5.png
 photo f8104450-101b-40e1-b14f-588fd2fc420c_zpsg4w9ul0f.png
 photo 27b56fb8-a4f0-46dc-8e3d-c9ede342cad8_zpsmu6ol6sa.png
 photo f8373c01-84cf-4ded-85a9-cded0234e0fa_zpshma4zbbt.png

I tried to make it fit the larger hairs that most people would download. But be aware that some of them will clip through the hat.

And The Different Textures in their Slideshows
Solid Colours of Purple, Red, Blue and Green
wawa180859's Henry VII -- Solids album on Photobucket

Black Patterned Velvet
wawa180859's Black Patterned Velvets album on Photobucket
Medievalish Patterns
wawa180859's Patterned Medievalish album on Photobucket

And Lastly, Curious B's Colours
wawa180859's Henry VII -- CuriousB colours album on Photobucket

Henry VIIth Tudor Caps -- Grab'em All Here

And the next teaser to be uploaded.
 photo e448e1e6-12fa-468e-9a7e-8db106528ee5_zpsynetschg.png
Each cap will have 3 recolours featuring feathers and jewelled clasp, just the clasp and a plain cap.


Lady Aquanine said...

Beautiful work on the hats :D. I thought only guys in the church wore these kind of hats, but perhaps that was not the rule of fashion at the time. They look so real. I feel almost as if I can reach out and touch the fabric they're made of. Of course, the wearer might not like that, hehe. Can't wait to see the next batch of hats. I had no idea the Tudor Era had such variety of headwear beyond women's hoods and Henry VIII's bonnet!

Lisa McCalister said...

Ooh! I like the feathers! Will you be making kilts to go with????

Wawa said...

Well, I hadn't thought of that Red! Might have to look into it later :P

Wawa said...

and thanks Aquanine. I have a few more to construct from scratch and from Rosemaryr. Hope they turn out LOL

Lady Aquanine said...

Hey Wawa, I just got an idea for a hat you can work on, (as if you needed more! lol) Bipsouille made a gorgeous (and historically accurate) hennin. Almighty Hat took it and made it better, so now the lappets don't stab through the wearer's body, and it has recolors. However, if you want to improve on it with recolors and conversions for, say, girls, teen girls, and grandmas, I'm sure many people would be delighted at such a hat set. What do you think?

Wawa said...

I think I could do that! I'll check it out after I finish with the Henry VIII caps I'm putting through the Bodyshop wringer .... bit by bit .... at leisure ..... when I have spare time! LOL