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June 16, 2017

A Blessing on Your House!

Sir Caleb had requested mitres similar to those used by the Orthodox faith. So I put together 2 styles. One is banded with the holy icons and the second is without the banding. After putting them together I did a few ... yes, only a few recolours for them. But I wasn't happy to upload only those. They needed priestly robes for them too. Utilizing VampireKiss66611's Jacoban priest converstion from TSM, I matched the priest robes with the mitres. I hope this is what you had been wishing for Sir Cedric.

 photo 4ff11251-f71a-4aaa-babf-c1321a42bfdf_zpsltprnlsr.png  photo f40feb59-dd48-40b4-bfdf-f9dc711eedac_zpsde9xyqzp.png  photo 4ac65791-4ddb-48e6-b072-8bdf71e3c855_zpsetejulct.png  photo e6cbca94-cbc0-4fdd-b909-c416c86f482e_zpshi5u5dox.png

The base for both mitres is the Balzo I created for your noble ladies posted here at the Smithy. It won't use those textures but it will be texture-friendly if you wanted to make your own recolours. They are wearable by both sexes from toddlers to elders. Make sure to use a simple hairstyle. The bigger hairs will clip through this. I've only taken pictures using an elder male, adult male and a teen.
First up, the mitre with icons. There are a total of 11 textures to use. The model is Amroth, from the Keep, aged to an Elder

 photo mitre1_zpsgpkdj76e.png  photo mitre2_zpswmpni03x.png  photo mitre3_zpshcyc3u46.png  photo mitre4_zpsmkozuran.png  photo mitre5_zpshjl5ei8x.png  photo mitre6_zpsrr57qj0i.png  photo mitre7_zpsaqac2fvl.png  photo mitre8_zpsjed2bfgn.png  photo mitre9_zpssuc4zgce.png  photo mitre10_zps01zlxkqe.png  photo mitre11_zps5ej5n244.png

Next are the mitres with the arch banding. They are the identical textures and icons as above but with a pearl embellishment on the banding.
 photo banded1_zpsygccrzfk.png photo banded2_zpspfheiv9n.png photo banded3_zpsfwdrzxno.png photo banded4_zpsnsx1gryn.png photo banded5_zpsznnmjnp2.png photo banded6_zpsrmo0inij.png photo banded7_zpszqzqtd6d.png photo banded8_zpsynfhnqjn.png photo banded9_zpsuyjq9j2v.png photo banded10_zpsw7gw1q12.png photo banded11_zpsspqr1ygz.png

And lastly, the Jacoban priest robes converted by VampireKiss! Thanks Honey! I will be uploading the meshes for the priest robes in the zipfiles for the male and teen. The adult male can be worn by the elder and young adult as well. I do have 3 meshes suitable for all the females and male child but need to work on them later. And I need to find a mesh for a toddler to use the textures on. But here are the priest robes wearable by teen, young adult, adult and elder males.

 photo priest1_zpsapsps9ji.png photo priest2_zpsnwi1rmc3.png photo priest3_zpsau72jyht.png photo priest4_zpsalahcpvg.png photo priest5_zpssnwelos2.png photo priest6_zpsoamvqsg2.png photo priest7_zpsgx5wr9lg.png photo priest8_zpswaa9lzf4.png photo priest9_zpsnb13yuiz.png photo priest10_zpsmmfearjt.png photo priest11_zps3ucmchwc.png

And as a bonus, I scaled up the cross topper on the mitre to fit onto an altar table. It's cloned from the blue china vase costing 4000 simoleons. Heavily bedazzled for that price!!

 photo tablecross_zpsx8cmmyx1.png

Orthodox Garments and Mitres at SimsFileShare


Anonymous said...

These look magnificent! Thank you for sharing them. The priests in my new Carpathian Mountains hood will be properly decked out.


Wawa said...

Glad you liked them HB! Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

These are amazing! Maybe I'll have to add some Eastern Orthodox to my neighborhood. It would make more sense, time-wise, than Protestantism, and I have 2 of my religions with the Religion Mod set as variations on Christian. (Using your bishop's robes, of course!)

And the cross, too! You spoil us.


Anonymous said...

Wawa, these are amazing! I have just downloaded your Bishops robes, and was wondering which of your recent head wear to pair them with. However, the mitres are perfect, and I love your textures on these robes. Thank you so much.

~Niam_h (PBK)

Anonymous said...

These are a feast for the eyes.

Red Sonja