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August 11, 2017

Bicorne Hats.

(Also posted at The Keep)
Ophidiae created a new regency recolours set for her neighbourhood that she had posted to The Keep. In it are a couple of military-style uniforms. I thought they looked great and commented about needing some of the hats that I had seen from Share CG. So, I grabbed them and added the bicorne hat created by Varsel to the Sims 2. The hat is wearable by both sexes, teen to elder. The images are from Bodyshop with Amroth as the model for the adult male. I didn't grab images of the other sex/ages. The "cockades" were from Wikipedia for the various nations they had published. I tried to use ribbons from the various realms/nations of the 18th century.

 photo anhalt_zpslxyqj6uu.png photo austria_zpskkued6cs.png photo baden_zpsq0vrmeaz.png photo bavaria_zpsu9twhacc.png photo braunschweig_zpsrljhuc1e.png photo denmark_zpspzealjdb.png photo england_zpsmmilskwr.png photo france-royalist_zpszasrdnuw.png photo france_zpsnr0ve5n4.png photo germany_zpshaofkaij.png photo netherlands_zpscblnmach.png photo poland_zps51ewk1fj.png photo portugal_zps44cxvps7.png photo prussia_zpsfu8tqoxr.png photo russia_zpsfxucxqr0.png photo saxony_zpsbmnxlqw2.png photo serbia_zpslj4r6oy9.png photo spain_zpsstkktkqj.png photo sweden_zpsktocti5v.png

The next project with this specific hat will be more decorative. An added plume! And also, just a good old plain hat.
 photo baden-plumed_zpsx3o99zj7.png Grab'em here!

sir caleb was asking about epaulettes for the game. I had never seen any so I made a set!

I only made them available for males -- teen to elder. Easy to recolour. 1562 polycount.

Grab the Epaulettes here!


Anonymous said...

Sir Dame!
These hats are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them. A bicorn that sits properly. Fantastic! Your creations just keep getting better and better.


Amy said...

These are well done. Although without the feather the decoration reminds me of chopsticks, sticking out from on top of the hat. Thankfully this ridiculous style of hat is no longer in fashion.

Wawa said...

Thanks HB! Good to hear from you. Most of the credit goes to Varsel though. I just fussed with his work to make it fit.
I always thought some soldier going to war was finicky about his uniform so he yelled at his wife "Honey, I taking the feather duster" and not knowing where it pack it, he just shoved it into his hat. And it took off from there. heehee

Lady Aquanine said...

Beautiful work, as always :D. There's gonna be a lot of players with Regency-themed 'hoods that are gonna love this!