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August 03, 2017

Orlesian Hennin

(Also posted at The Keep)
Ophidiae had sent me a private message wondering if I could do the Orlesian hennin worn by Vivienne in Dragon Ages: Inquisition. She gave me this link so I downloaded the model extracted by Padme4000. And this is the result! It is wearable by both sexes from toddler to elder. Ophidiae did some quick pictures for me, bless her heart, and because I asked.

Ophidiae's Vivienne in all her glory! Now if it looks this good on the female sim just wait until you download it for your male sims.
Grab'em here!


Lady Aquanine said...

Awesome work. That looks a lot like Maleficent's headdress in the movie "Maleficent."

You still interested in working on that hennnin I mentioned?

And by the way, what happened to the chatbox?

Wawa said...

Chatbox has been wonky, well actually Blogger has been. Just wasn't showing up. I had the Maleficent headdress in my files but can't seem to find it now. Do you still have the link to it?

Lady Aquanine said...

Sure, I can send you the link to the original hennin by Bipsouille, and the one Hat fixed.

On Hat's page, it's the 17th picture down. It's somewhat conical with a large veil in the back, and has a wide, black (I guess, velvet?) lappet that wraps over the head and hangs behind in the back. Hat modified it so the lappets wouldn't stab into the body of the wearer. If you could convert this for other age groups, like little girls, teen girls, and grandmas, that would be awesome! :D Recolors are welcome too.

Wawa said...

Ahhhh, that request. Sorry had forgotten about that. Started on it but have to head to work. I'll see what I can do with it later.

Lady Aquanine said...

Thank you very much, Wawa :). Can't wait to see what you do with it ;).

Anonymous said...

Awesome work, Wawa. Love it!

~Niam_h (PBK)