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December 28, 2017

Invictus' Radiant Crown

NOTE: I had to redo the crown as Invictus found a mistake with it. If you downloaded this before January 6th/2018 please delete those files and redownload from the new link. Thanks

As per Invictus' request for a radiant crown like the one worn by Augustus in this cameo.

Here's my Sim version. Only 3 textures this time. I have a whole whack of other things to take pictures of and post at The Keep! Never ending LOL.

(I actually repositioned the males crown to rotate more on the head. I didn't feel like taking new pictures though.

As you can see they can be worn by both sexes -- toddler to elder. No picture of the young adult or elder though. Being lazy on a short notice request.

Grab them Here!


Lady Aquanine said...

This is so cool! I didn't even know Romans had crowns besides the gold/silver olive leaf ones.

Ekho said...

Terrifyingly awesome. Thank you for sharing!