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February 15, 2011

Testerbed Completer Set -- Set One

I put together different artists' meshes to create the completer set for the Testerbed recolours. Through trial and error, I've come up with these item recolours to co-ordinate with my recolour of the file named wawa1-testerbed-simages from the Amy's Sleep-Country post ... this bed.
The set uses the meshes from these creators/sites. The following images are not in any particular order until you click "See full album" after the slideshow.
You will need to download the following meshes for some of the recolours.
King and Queen Medieval Throne by Cashcraft, Sims Design Avenue's Medieval Bathroom (as the site is closed at this time, that is the link to the required meshes), and Gara's Boutique, the GR-wooden-sofa02 and GR-woodenchairliving02, found under Gara-Mesh, page 3. All other meshes are included in a separate download link below. You'll need to download both if you don't have the meshes from Simsconnection, SimAges plus it will include Betsy4Art's mesh and Tarox' mesh.
Thanks to Betsy4Arts and Tarox for their generous recolour policy, allowing their meshes to be included. SimsAges and Simsconnection are now both closed. The bedside tables from Simplan-X weren't recolourable until I followed a tutorial by Huge Lunatic. Please allow the included meshes to overwrite spx-dcas-roybed-bedtable-mesh.package and spx-dcas-roybed-bedtable2-mesh.package if you have downloaded that set previously. And lastly, a Huge Thanks to HL for pointing out my problem with the dining chair recolour ... now it looks alot better, believe me!

My Completer Set recolours.
Meshes. (These are the meshes from Simsconnection, SimAges, the fixed bedside tables from Simplan-X, Betsy4Arts and Tarox that you need for my recolours to work).
Recolours - Wawa1. (These are the object recolours I did to match the Antique Testerbed in the first photo).
I hope you'll like Set One .... now only 14 more sets to go ... if I want to do this for all the other Testerbeds that I made recolours of!! LOL! Ooooouch ... I think I have a headache coming on .....Groan!


Eva said...

Thanks Walter!

Just trying to understand the one about the SDA mesh you included: the jar subset wasn't recolourable, so you changed the mesh's texture and included your changed version?

Lama said...

Yep, thank you Walter, for another huge set! It turned out really nice.
One thing about "letting overwrite", since I have my DLs in different folders, I don't remember where to save new download files to, to let them override the old ones.
So I better do not download these specific items, or can we have both versions in game?

Wawa said...

Small Ooops! I removed the file from the download link until I figure that one out then. So, for now, no delft jars....just the originals. :) My new project for after work today! LOL

Wawa said...

@Lama. For the bedside tables, just copy/paste them to wherever you have the original Simplan-X set. It'll ask if you want to overwrite them.

Meshy said...

Thanks! This is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm blown away! This is a wonderful set, although I obviously don't have those meshes from simsconnection. Anyway, I've always wanted someone to recolor those Tarox objects because I use them all the time, and now you have! Great work, looking forward to the rest :)