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May 30, 2011

Robin Wood's Headquarter

Here's the hidden headquarter of some notorious outlaws.
(Above, you see a picture of what I did with the lot after packaging.)
Below, you see pictures of what you will get.
All rooms (4) are on the first floor. Only the hall is decorated.
I've used fake doors, which you can replace by real (invisible) doors.
The hall's truss shows its massive timber-frame construction.
The download includes exclusive recolours I made for this lot only,
(seatings, table, armoire, hammerhead beams).
The firebowl is placed on a stage. You will need the required EP for it.
Here's the place, where the gang compasses its plots.
The lot was built with all EPs up to "Seasons" installed.
List of included items
Camelot Wall Light: Holysimoly
Morocco Candle: SerenitySims (closed)
Armoire, Chairs, Scroll: Kativip
Floor, Bench, Carpet: Kativip
Tapestry: Wawa
Magus Books: clutter-a-holic
Ceiling Tile: Billyjean/leehee
Desk accessories: Aroundthesims
Pirate Bay Windows: Parsimonious
Wall Torch: Simsalasim (closed)
Viking Shields: eefje
Wizzard's Sanctum Scrolls: simsconnection (closed)
Rug: Delphine/ simsinparis (closed)
Paper Scroll: Blackypanther
Winery Barrel: dincerhepguler
Firebowl: Murano (no link found)
All wallcovers and woodfloor by me.

List of required PAY items
Dining Table: Angela
Hammerhead Beams: MsBarrows
Wine Tavern Barrels: Woodforsims
Roman Chair: kansascityrose
Chunky Log Column: shakeshaft


Eva said...

Oh wow! Nice Ingrid! Thanks!

Evelyn said...

Lady Lama this is stunning, I love your work!

Heloise said...

Ingrid, this is sooo amazing! I noticed several of the items were from closed sites, like the fire bowl. Are they included in the download? If not, would it be possible for you to pm me with the files? I really love this lot!

Lama said...

@Heloise, thank you!
The items, also the firebowl, which is a permanently burning outdoor fireplace, are included in the download. :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool! I love that you recolored some of these items. Very nicely decorated lot. :)

Anonymous said...

Robin WOOD! Squee! Do I detect another Once & Future King/Sword in the Stone fan?

... Or do more people call Robin Hood Robin Wood than I realized ...

Either way, the lot looks fantastic. Thank you, Lama!

Eumachia said...

Thanks Lama! This is a beautiful lot. I've decided to make it my secret society lot in my Uni hood. It's perfect. Many thanks!

Aurora said...

Wonderful! Amazing, lol. I cannot wait to see it in my game :-)

Livtarelm said...

I have this lot already - my nuns live there, but I love it so much
I have re-downloaded it so I can find another use for it! Thank you

Lama said...

That's nice to hear, Livtarelm. I also like the floorplan.