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March 18, 2012

Medieval Locker

Here's a new functioning dresser for you. Enjoy!
It costs 600 Simoleons and is found under Dressers. Polycount: 2551
> Requires Open For Business <
The download includes 2 Recolours and a Recolouring Help folder.


Meshy said...


Lorene Holderfield said...

Ooo! What a beautiful locker! I just love the textures and details on them!

BonnieLaurel said...

Oh my gosh! This is beautiful! It's such a wonderful lock-box, too.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Thank you. :)

Andrax said...

Always fine work! My Sims will enjoy it! :)

Anonymous said...

Die Schränke sind wunderschön geworden! Dafür hät ich auch mehr gezahlt (falls meine Vorschläge für bare Münze ;) genommen wurden). Mag besonders den braunen mit den Schnitzereien.

Vielen Dank fürs Kreieren!


Anonymous said...

It's absolutely breathtaking-looking locker,I especially like its textures.Thank you so much for sharing it with us :3

Anonymous said...

Lady Lama! You never cease to amaze. Thank you for these!