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April 30, 2012

Medieval Fireplace II

I'm just coming out of my workshop to present you a new fireplace with two cabinet doors. It's wall high and three tiles wide. Works like a Maxis fireplace, because it's based on Numenor's template (no Scriptorium required). Basegame compatible. Polycount: 1476. Found under BUY > Appliances > Miscellaneous for 600 $.


Lorene Holderfield said...

Yet another beautiful fireplace choice! ^-^ I absolutely love the fireplaces that are made here in The Medieval Smithy. Always a thrill to see new ones.

Quill said...

I just discovered your blog, after re-installing my Sims after a computer crash. Needless to say, this means starting a new medieval neighborhood and looking for appropriate downloads. I love your site, thanks so much for your hard work!

Lama said...

@Quill: Oh, another medieval Sims 2 player! If you're looking for more goodies, you should register to the Plumb Bob Keep forum, HERE

riekus13 said...

Absolutely Gorgeous!!! Thank you, Ingrid!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Thanks so much!

Tilly said...

This is a gorgeous it, thank you

Anonymous said...

Your designs are incredibly beautifu, thank you! Love all the detail in the photos too, I'd love to know where you find all of the accessories etc! :)

Lama said...

@Anonymous, thanks for the compliment!
If you mean the deco items in the pic above, here you go:
- Skull on books, water can and bench @ Simsdesignavenue (closed)
- Candle Holder @ Simsconnection (closed)
- Bellow (Skyrim object) @ the Plumb Bob Keep
- Stool @ Plumb Bob Keep
- Bookcases (recolours from SDA bookcase) here at the Smithy
- Basket with logs HERE

The objects above from SDA and Simsconnection can be downloaded at the Keep.