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July 10, 2012

Column Set "Finglas"

This set includes four wood columns: One for corners, one with two, one with three and one with four arches, offering many ways to combine them. Basegame compatible. Polycount: 270 to 478. Found under Columns for 200 Simoleons. 
Three recolours included. (I tried to make the set repository, but miserably failed.)


Anonymous said...

Oooh another awesome set!

Would you like me to have a look at slaving this set, Ingrid? I'm sure it must be possible.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic set, Thankyou!


Lama said...

@Eva, thanks for your offer. I think, making sets repository afterwards usually leads to confusion e.g. when sharing lots, because of two released versions.
Note to all: Please don't make my stuff repository after release.

I didn't want to always bother other people, asking them to make my stuff repository. That's why I tried again to do it on my own, but I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Which tutorial are you trying?

Maybe you can send me the files you tried to slave and I could try to find out where it went wrong?

Lama said...

Eva, I tried it with different tutorials, but it's not that they are well or badly done. It's just that I can't follow them when my presets, I mean the mesh I made, deviates a little from the tut's given model/ example. It's my deficiency of comprehension.
I can't send you those files because I don't have them anymore. One pulled the texture from the master mesh, but I couldn't use the design tool on it. Another one was black and the other blue.

I think I can accept that some things will remain a mystery to me, like those damn Photoshop layers, that I'll never figure out how to use them!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous columns, Lady Lama! Thank you so much for them!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome set and talent, thanks heaps