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October 16, 2012

Medieval Shutter Window Set

These are the first windows I've ever made and I'm really happy with the result! 
A set of five windows with shutters on the inside (well, one is without any shutters). 
They come with the shown bull's eye panes, thus you can't look through them. 
Polycount: 396 and 636. Basegame compatible. Included are two retextures.


Lorene Holderfield said...

Oh, how absolutely lovely! I always love shutter windows--they're rather charming. :) Thank you for these! I cannot wait to use them in my game.

Andrax said...

Just need to say: WOW!!!

Tyllerö said...

Wow, this is nice peace of art for my taste.
Every visit I feel like a kid in the candyshop and oh boy. Now I have to stuff this set in to my download file :D.

Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

Great windows, but there seems to be one missing. There are only four windows in the download.


Lama said...

I checked the download and found all five windows in it. Do you mean, only four windows show up in game?