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April 18, 2014

Shapely Curves!! Give Me A Triple Snap Honey!!

Some of the Keep ladies showing off the textures I did for my Tudors 4 Tyler project, reworked to fit onto Cynnix' RenGal V2-Gothic Sleeve Gown w/FR's Poulaines. (Grab the meshes). These were intended to be part of my anniversary gifts at the Keep, but ya know how RL can throw a hiccup in Simming plans :P So, without further ado, our models: Steph, Pen, Jeannie, Bonnie and Meshy -- gracious in their new gowns. (In-game Photos)  photo dress1a600_zps6f8ddab8.png  photo dress3a600_zpsc9854e62.png photo dress2a600_zps8db425fa.png
(Bodyshop Photos) photo dress4a600_zps712d0414.png photo dress5a600_zpsd08dee6f.png photo dress6a600_zps478d054c.png photo dress7a600_zps4de7f6ec.png photo dress8a600_zps0199ab8e.png photo dress9a600_zps18fd08e8.png photo dress10a600_zps0168e099.png
Download Dresses for Adults Download Dresses for Teens. Exact same textures but on the teen rengal bodyshape.

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