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May 14, 2014

Dragon Pillars

(As shared at PBK)
Dragons to uplift the roofs and beams in your regal pavilions, using the TSM > TS2 dragon extracted/converted by Delonariel. The set consists of 3>2story pillars -- central pillar (A), sidewall (B) and corner (C). B and C are repositoried to A to pick up the recolours. Ergo, you only need to make your own recolours using column A. The dragons' heads are supposed to be supporting the roof/floor. I used Mio's Vaulted Pillar as the base for this project. Thanks to both creators.
Ingame Photos  photo 3bb80fd1-bdda-4def-b946-a3906149dd8c_zps36ae98e6.png  photo 61f7f645-fc26-4104-9a5f-0d1957e07ce9_zps0400d609.png The Recolours
 photo 980d41c9-6c7d-43f0-ab40-94a8ebd955e2_zpsc6b7db31.png
 photo fb6adf39-fde6-4219-af31-6a2ea5c5a07d_zps6781b3b8.png
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