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September 26, 2015

Simple Papal Tiara and Deco

(Also shared at The PlumbBob Keep)

Anonymous mentioned that though they loved the Papal Tiara in the previous post, they had hoped for a more simple one, less polycount as well. Here's my rendition of that then. And only about 1600 facets.

 photo 9f7eb5a3-e424-4772-8b0d-12d0a1ca5a70_zpstss7h1xe.png

 photo cf44d2c5-7886-4a3f-aea9-592e78debec1_zpst4pl5pfr.png photo 651c677b-0a2e-45bf-b936-527e59a7f548_zpsizgyeefi.png

Not shown but included with the download are the 2 deco versions for a mannequin and a table top.
Grab'em Here!


Anonymous said...

That's fantastic, Wawa! It's now within the Maxis range! I looove it!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Wawa, is this hat attached to the hairstyle, or is it an accessory?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these! I have a Pope-ish fellow who's badly in need of a tiara, but whilst I quite liked the other versions, the poly count was a little steep for me. But these, I can (and will) use with impunity. :)

Wawa said...

It's an accessory found under Glasses. Since we don't have sliders in Sims 2 you might want to restrain from using big hair! LOL
Glad you like this version Folks.

Unicorn said...

I wanna have mooooooore gemstone royal jewelry parures sets! Can you make please more?

I've downloaded your all your sets and they're amazing but can be more versatile jewelry?

Wawa said...

Philip? Is that you? If so, or if not I will do my best soon to make more. If it is Philip I'm sorry I haven't had the time to help you learn how to do them. I've been very busy this summer.

Anonymous said...

Making jewelry is relatively easy, especially if you are just changing the alpha of the texture of clothing or accessory or the texture of a jewelry mesh. It just takes adequate experimentation.

Anonymous said...

Very late on this, but - YES. I love it! Thank you, thank you!

Wawa said...

Glad you like it! Thanks morgaine!