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November 09, 2015

The Druid's Set

After a very long while I'm back now to present you with a new set for your pre-Christian folks. It's made mainly to match my Celtic Bedroom, to give you more pieces of furniture and to create some kind of celtic looking cabin. The set contains two doors, a window and two roof pieces for 1-storey and 7-tiles-wide houses. The stone textures match Maxis "Riverbed" Walls, Yuxi's Oblivion "Farmhouse Wall 1" and my "Townwall No.2" (included with the Download). Additionally, you'll find different kinds of decoration stuff.

Everything meshed by me, except the horn and Maxis' Seasons herbs. Basegame compatible. Collection file included.
Also, I recommend Cynnix' Father Timeless for your Druid's clothing needs.


  1. soooooooo fantastic~!!!

  2. Ahh This set is INCREDIBLE my simming friend! I am so pleased to find someone with your talent still creating for TS2!! I am anxiously watching for more and more!! In the meantime I am going to use THIS set for my first house in my freshly created hood after my last one glitched out. I've spent the past 3 days sorting out 3gb of downloads, reducing my folder to 1.5gb and I cannot resist this set. I LOVE this!! Thank you so very much!!

  3. I commented over on the thread at PBK, but couldn't resist popping over to thank you here too. This set is absolutely amazing, Ingrid. I can't believe those wall skins- they were exactly what I needed for my Skyrim lots. This whole set is just brilliant. Thank you so much xx

    - Niamh

  4. I'm drooling...
    This is gorgeous. Thank you!

  5. You ALWAYS create such beautiful sets!

  6. This must have been a labor of love? It's really an impressive set. There is something distinctive about each item. What I'm happiest about at the moment are the sculptures! They are just what I was looking for!

    Thank you. :)

  7. Anonymous04 June, 2018

    I'm having so many Asterix & Obelix flasbacks from seeing this, awesome!

  8. habs runtergeladen nur teile davon im spiel

  9. Chris, im Download ist auch eine Kollektionsdatei dabei. Schau mal unter Kollektionen, da findest du dann alle Objekte beisammen und musst nicht lange suchen.


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