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December 07, 2016

Set Turner Part I "Edited"

Ingrid's Set "Turner" Part I has been a very popular download here at the Smithy. I hope she won't mind but I have learned a wee bit more in meshing items and decided .... "Why not make it functional too!". So I have created a functioning version of the Armoire and the Cabinet. I will work on the other two over time.

The Medieval Armoire
 photo armoire_zps1tcgzkwz.png

I had to re-work the UV mapping on this item as the texture for the armoire door was also the same for the back wall of the closet. I, however, left the mapping for the cabinet the same.
The Medieval Cabinet
 photo cabinet_zpsys8djosd.png

I based the functional items on the basegame armoire, the "Su-Tove" armoire. It will contain the changing options that are available in the original basegame item. The difference in the height is because it was cloned from that object. Which is a bonus in a way. I used new GUIDs for these two meshes so you can keep both in your games. Ingrid's meshes will have the "opening a drawer" animation.

I hope everyone will find these useful for their games.
Grab'em Here!


Mortia said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much.

ocelotekatl said...

These are mad cool. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Cool. I like the white dress that the female Sim is wearing. Is that up for download anywhere?

Wawa said...

The white dress is here.

Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassingly late to the party, but THANK YOU for making these functional! (I have a slight obsession with things that are functional and properly animated.) I love Ingrid's Turner set and I love these even more. :) They will see plenty of use in my medieval game.