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March 02, 2012

The Well-Dressed Viking II: Apron Gowns

My second installment in the Well-Dressed Viking Series (yes, it is a series now) is an apron gown and kirtle for the ladies, in nine authentic colors. Click the images for a bigger view.

All have tablet-woven trim around the neckline of the kirtle and as straps and trim on the apron, and most have some sort of tablet-woven belt as well.

This mesh (one from the old Sim-Ages site) has a beautiful preg morph, which hangs straight down from the baby bump instead of clinging like so much viscose and elastic.


Adult only. Categorized as Everyday, Formal, and Athletic. Mesh is included.


  1. Oh wow! Such beautiful dresses! And I love the color choices as well. Nice job! I thank ye very much! ^-^

  2. Thank you very much, it will be a magnificently part of my viking community. Fine work!

  3. I loooove those dresses!! Thank you so much!


  4. I wonder if there will be a teen version of this as well somewhere down the road. Certainly a pleasant idea to consider. :) I think it would look splendid on teens, nay? ;)

  5. I'm glad you asked!

    I put a teen version (on two different meshes) on my site:

  6. Ooo! How I love the Well-Dressed Viking set! I hope to see more very soon. :D I just can't get enough of them--they're all I have because they're that great.:3

    -- Edorenel

  7. @Leah. Here is the direct link to the folder with the individual .package files as mentioned at the Kingdom of Lothere.


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