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September 01, 2019

Versailles Seating - Simple Fabrics

Continuing with the 9th Anniversary gifts for Ingrid and all the Smithy visitors, I edited a bench mesh from the game Oblivion for this seating arrangement to be used in your manors, museums, halls and palaces. I hope you might enjoy them. There are, of course, 60 recolours because, Hey .... it's what I do. Gazillion Bazillion recolours LOL.

Unfortunately, the image names don't correspond with the package file name. If you wish to pick and choose what to keep, what to delete, might I suggest doing it while in the ingame catalog? There are also 3 wood textures to choose from in the download too.

And that last image posted, you can copy / paste to whatever editing program you use to make your own cushion recolours. It is in .png format with an alpha channel.

Download at SimsFileShare!

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