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Terms of Use

 Policies of the creative staff
"For any of the recolours I may have experimented with, you may use in any shape or form, posting to any free Sims sites. Please, give credit and link back to the site you downloaded them from. If you are feeling kind, please visit the original creators of the meshes used to Thank them for their generous contributions to making the game a pleasure to play. Without the original creators' meshes and policies, no one could have made all those wonderful items to decorate our games with. If you are feeling especially kind, I would love to see any photos you may have utilizing my recolours. Happy Simming Everyone."
"You're allowed to include my meshes, walls and floors in your lots and upload them anywhere.
You're allowed to retexture my meshes and include them in your downloads.
You're allowed to clone, alter or modify my meshes, walls and floors. In this case, please give proper credits and link back to this site.
You're not allowed to make money with my Sims 2 creations, 3D models and textures.
You're not allowed to convert any of my creations to Sims 3 or Sims 4."
"Please do not upload my creations to Pay and/ or Pay/ Free Sites, The Exchange and especially NOT to T$R! (They don't deserve my pretties) Other than that, please feel free to tweak, break or otherwise change to your liking! Credit would be great, but not required."
"My general, overall policy is to do whatever you like with my creations except upload them to a pay website or charge money for them. I create items for the game for fun and share them freely. I expect any derivative creation to also be shared freely with the same policy. It would be nice to receive credit for my efforts or even a message letting me know you have improved/changed/used/made something new, but neither is required."
" My files are free to share, just don't claim my work as your own."
"Don't reupload my stuff under your own name, and don't share my stuff, or anything based on it, on paysites (that includes tsr's free section!) or the exchange. Other than that, my stuff is file share friendly. You can share any of my recolours and meshes in lots and with recolours. If my download links are down for some reason, feel free to share them with other people. But not on paysites or the exchange, of course. Feel free to alter, hack up and reassemble anything I make. Giving credit is always nice, but I won't hunt you down if you don't. This means you can also convert stuff for TS3, if you want. Please leave me a link here if you do something like that. I might want to download it myself."
"It's ok to reuse my textures or edit my meshes, please give credit and be sure to credit anybody I've credited if you use bits of their meshes that I've used.
If you do something with my meshes or make a recolor I'd like a link so I can see what you've made.
You may include my meshes with your recolors, please give a link back.
Only 100% free sites. Please DO NOT put recolors of my meshes on TSR. Not even if your things are free."
"You may do anything you like with my recolors, except distribute them on paysites."