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February 23, 2011

Northumbria- Series #4

Hello all! Today I bring you series #4 in my Northumbria Series. As usual, a list of custom content can be found at Post #2 as well as Post #3, these have a few more maxis recolors.
The upper two pictures show the neighborhood grocer, a community lot for your sims that wish to make some money gardening and selling produce to their fellow neighbors. For this lot I had SimWardrobe's business hacks in mind, most particularly the employee gardening and produce packing station, which enables sims to garden and sell their produce in sets, rather than a single vegetable which is what the game allows. It's perfect for your farmers or sims with a green thumb that wish to make a bit of cash.
The larger lot shown below has been made for your lower nobility, Knights and Baronets alike that live in a more stately home than your regular citizens, but not a home so grand as your Royal family. A big thank you to Sunni for her wonderful recolors of the 4ESF medieval kitchen fridge and various other objects- they blend so well with this series.
In addition to the objects not already mentioned, these lots contain:
Floor by Vindicare
Download Knight's Manor and Grocer..... Enjoy! :)


Lama said...

These lots looks sooo pretty, I especially like the large building with the little tower. Nice idea!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful lots! I"m looking forward to setting up the grocery store. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Wawa said...

Finally downloaded this. Nice surprise waiting too. I had never seen the Farmers Barn set by berg. Thanks Amy!