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June 09, 2013

Buttresses (Part 2)

Another buttress as per request. Found under Columns for 200 §. Polycount: 132. Basegame compatible. See Part 1 here.


Evelyn said...

Okay, I am hyperventilating now!
Danke Ingrid fuer diese tollen Buttresses (jetzt faellt mir das deutsche Wort nicht mehr ein, ja ja das Alter...)

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. Proper looking cathedrals here I come!



Anonymous said...

Uhhh,those buttresses are great.I had to admit,i`m not a big fan of medieval stuff,but no church is comlete with those things.
BTW,the german word for Buttress is "Strebepfeiler"
Thank you for your great work.

Lama said...

Ich musste erst mal nachsehen und habe "Stützpfeiler" gefunden.
Danke für eure lieben Kommentare!

Darkraven said...

These are absolutely perfect! Just what I always wanted! You have inspired me to build. Thank you!!!

Lama said...

Darkraven, I'm glad to see they turned out the way you wanted them.
Don't know if you were looking for taller ones (3-4 storeys high).