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April 29, 2014

The Big Small Fixing (Part 1)

First, this is not about fixing broken things. This is about improvement of stuff I made a while ago. As I advance in learning to create, I sometimes look at my older meshes, wishing I could redo them. But they are already spread into the four corners of the world. You may have noticed some darkish shadings on my meshes. It's because I didn't smooth them in UV Mapper. I didn't know I have to. But now I do. To begin with, I fixed this with the following meshes: Buttress I & II, Balustrade Pillars, Finglas Columns, Hall Window and Medieval Shutter Windows I - V. If you want to replace them, let the files overwrite the original packages. All recolours will work and need no replacing. And no, I won't do this with all my stuff, because it isn't really necessary. Most of it looks just fine (to me).
Examples, of what I'm talking about:


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ingrid! Much appreciated, your stuff was perfect to begin with but now it is even more awesome!

Anonymous said...

The small fixing makes a big difference. Now, your objects look more realistic. :)