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February 17, 2024

Scriptorium Walls Addition

Hello! I'm back into simming after more than four years. To warm up, I started with some easy stuff and made some wall coverings, that match my earlier set "Scriptorium Walls". They are filed under panels. If I find the time and in case I will remember how to work with SimPE, you may expect new posts in the near future.



  1. Welcome Back Lama! Love the Walls, They look amazing!

  2. Welcome back, Ingrid! It's amazing to see you back, and I love these walls. enjoy getting back in to TS2?

    ~ Niam_h (PBK)

  3. The walls are wonderful! But even more wonderful - you're back!! It's been lonely and quiet with you gone. Willkommen !

  4. Welcome back!!! Love these

  5. You sweet guys make me smile! I'm somewhat surprised to see, that you are still around and maybe even playing Sims 2. What a game! And yes, I too miss the good old times with you all! *hug*

  6. sorry for my english! you are back! i am so happy! i come to your blog every few months, and now You Back! i am so happy! i have never comment for my language but i nedd to do today! tank you to all you make fou us! a really big huge by italy!

  7. Hi, Finnen! Thank you for your happy comment. I'm already working on new stuff - which isn't so easy because of the long hiatus - I nearly forgot how to use all the needed programs. So, hopefully you'll find something new here soon. Greetings to Italy!

    1. i am happy, content or not. i play for more then 20 years and i have see a lot of beautiful site going to death. your is my prefer! so i am happy if u post on not

  8. Anonymous29 June, 2024

    Thanks for coming back to the Sims 2 community. I love your creations and am so grateful that you share these with us. You have inspired me to build better lots for my medieval Sims stories.


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