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March 18, 2019

Lionwood Architectural Elements.

It was requested in a comment that I post the Lionwood recolours of various meshes I had published at BlackPearl Sims all those years ago. I hope I have everything put together properly Dina. Following are some pictures of the items. Meshes are by various creators such as Marina, Maylin, Cyclonesue to name a few. The meshes have been included into the zipfiles. As I said, I hope I have them all there. Any other recolours will be a EA/Maxis object.

 photo snapshot_00000007_591ae9bc.jpg photo snapshot_00000007_791ad4dc.jpg photo snapshot_00000007_191ae96f.jpg photo DanielDoorandArchway-1.jpg photo MaylinCeilingBeams.jpg photo HeyNonnyDoorandArchway.jpg photo edited-image_zps3k5muxqj.png photo GothicWindow2-cyclonesue.jpg


NOTE: the column meshes for Buildset I are in Buildset II ...... Oooops!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you a million times over! I'm sorry I wasn't back sooner to pick these up. You finished in time for my birthday so I will consider this a special and most precious birthday gift. Big Hugs!!!


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