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April 11, 2019

Dribs and Drabs ... or Just More Stuffs

For the months of February and March, the Keep was hosting its 8th Anniversary. I thought I'd share some of the gifts I made here for those that may not visit the Keep. A setback has been prevalent for many months now regarding borkage of my game. It keeps crashing and no matter how hard I've searched for answers, nothing is working. So out of the kindness of her heart, LadySilverwolf (Sol) has been kind enough to test things ingame and take pictures for me to use. Thanks Sol! It is greatly appreciated. I figure, if no one minds, that I would keep working on things I have waiting in my Work In Progress file. It is rather extensive. LOL
The first thing is a series of statues that I created from meshes posted at SketchFab. It is a continuation from the set I had published previously here. I have a whole folder waiting to convert for the game. Most of the statuary is under 2 stories.

Amphitrite-Goddess of the Sea

Aeneas and Anchises

Angel Kneeling in Prayer

Angel Preaching from a Pedestal

Bust of Trajan

Arria et Paetus

Bust of Athena

Griffin on a Pedestal

Moses on a Pedestal

Le Loir et La Loire

A Bearded Ptolemaic Ruler

Ptolemaic Ruler

The Hunter

Fame Riding Pegasus

Amazon Warrior

Neptune Enthroned in Glory

Zeus Enthroned in Majesty

The altars on both Neptune and Zeus have had slots placed on the three side thanks to NixNivis!
Download Them Individually
..... OR
All-In-One Download

NOTE: Each of the statues has the polycount attached to its name.


  1. These are superb, Wawa (and thank you, Nix, for the slots). Just exquisite in every detail. Much appreciated.

    I thought I knew all of the cool 3D sites. Thank you for recommending SketchFab.

  2. These looked interesting, so I downloaded them all. I will decide later which ones I am going to have in my game.

  3. Thanks for adding the polycounts, Wawa :)

  4. Great work! Thank you, Wawa.

  5. Beautiful (are you studying at the Louvre? lots of them are in the marly Court and other from the roman collection of portrait), are we aload to convert it in sims 4?

  6. I wish I did live in Paris, I'd be at the Louvre everyday ... if I could afford the cost of admission LOL. I don't own the meshes so they are fair game to use. If you wanted more for yourself, the site is called Scan the World -- My Mini Factory

  7. Anonymous30 July, 2020


  8. Well, since it's by Wawa, it can be converted to Sims 4.


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