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August 07, 2020

Hi, folks! Lately, there have been several requests regarding converting to Sims 4. Since Sims 2 is the only game I've ever played, the things I made for it were meant for Sims 2. I own copyright for the 3 D models I made from scratch, the mapping and texturing, which are contained in the packages. I decided to share with you freely. So, when I want this stuff for Sims 2 only, don't you agree it's okay? I once was in the situation, when I wanted this and that for my game. True creativity always comes from a want. So I started to read tutorials, made my first recolours and later, tried my hands on my first mesh. I can only recommend to you, to start this process, because it's really satisfying. Doing your own stuff is the real thing! People nowadays love to take the easy way by just converting, but this won't kindle your creativity and will hinder your personal developement. Show us what you have in store! Get inspired! Each creator has developed her/ his own unique style. That's why you find so much different stuff in the community. (You don't need expensive programs - I use simple stuff like Wings 3D, Photoshop 7 (!), PhotoScape.)