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July 07, 2011

Val'ther Castle (Residential Lot)

This is old Val'ther Castle, a big hall and four rooms. 
For better packaging I had to remove the wall hangings (by Wawa, here (One-tile-Banners) here and here, just in case you want to decorate the hall like in the pics), but everything else is included (except Pay items). 

The hall has a vaulted ceiling and is playable with walls and all three storeys up (minus roof), if you follow this:
1. Set it to third storey (vaulted ceiling)
2. Move the camera into the hall
3. Adjust view angle by going to "Options" (button with three dots),
pressing TAB, moving the mouse a wee bit forward, pressing TAB again.
Now the view angle should be better and allow you to see parts of the second storey.

Thanks go to Meshy, for testing the lot, and to Holysimoly, Kativip, ExoticElements, Sim-Ages, Sunni,Yuxi, Tarox, Simplan-X, TheJim07, Parsimonious, HugeLunatic,
Daislia and Simsconnection, for their creations.

You will need to have the following objects in your game:
1. Gothic Windows by Cyclonesue
2. Castle Diningroom Fireplace by Simsdesignavenue and my recolour of it here

 The lot was build with all EPs up to Seasons installed. Enjoy!  


Artimis said...

I love this but I know there is some deco odjects not inculded. I know the reason why but if you can post the links for them that would de nice.

Lama said...

Sorry for the unconvenience, Artimis!
I added the links now.
I removed the wall hangings before packaging the lot, so these are not neccessary for it to show up properly.

Artimis said...